Media Kits

A media kit is a single document that contains all the details about you and your book. As an author, you can send out your media kit to press outlets, book reviewers, and bookstores. Sending your media kit is much easier and more professional than attaching several large documents to a pitch email.

Our media kits include:

  • author bio*

  • author contact information*

  • author social media*

  • book cover blurb*

  • similar book titles*

  • book product information (page count, ISBN, etc)*

  • author Q&A

  • press release

  • book excerpt*

  • unlimited changes (within reason)


* Denotes information provided by the author. The press release is included in the price of the media kit, please let us know if plan to provide your own press release and we will adjust the price accordingly.  

Our prices:

  • single book: $80

  • series: $100 (if series exceeds 3 books there will be an additional $10 charge per book)

Hannah created media kits for countless authors at TouchPoint Press and convinced the publishing house to continue this practice with all of their authors in the future. Check out the gallery below for a preview of Hannah's media kits.


How to work with us:

Send us an email at with the subject line “media kit" and a brief synopsis of your book or books or series. We can't wait to work with you!