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bout us

Counterpoise Press was founded in 2020 by author Hannah Parker. Hannah graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Master of Fine Arts in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing from Emerson College. After experiencing aspects of both traditional and self publishing through working in the industry and publishing her own novels, Hannah realized she wasn’t satisfied with either. She created Counterpoise Press to get the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana reference intended).

We believe in forging our own path to publishing. We want to take the quality of traditional publishing and blend it with the freedom of self-publishing. 


Our goal at Counterpoise Press is for authors to see their soul books in person and get them into the hands of readers who will love them. Above all, we are committed to publishing diverse works by diverse authors. 


If you are interested in learning more about Counterpoise Press, follow us on Instagram and TikTok where we frequently post about what it’s like to own a publishing house!

*We are not hiring at this time. 



ehind the name

One of my favorite terms in art history is the Italian word “contrapposto” which is the Italian word for “counterpoise.” Counterpoise relates to the way a figure is standing, especially in sculpture. It’s considered the perfect pose for the human body, it’s a very natural, very human stance. It’s all about balance. 


I chose this name for my publishing house for a variety of reasons. So many aspects of traditional publishing didn’t feel right to me, but neither did a lot of aspects of self-publishing. I wanted to create a balance between the two, hence where the name “counterpoise” came in.


Statues situated in this position look as though they are prepared to take another step at a moment's notice. I want both myself and my publishing house to constantly work on moving forward, on making the next book even better. 

- Hannah

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