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Larken survived the Starveling, but her greatest battles are yet to come. Haunted by memories of the flames that nearly took her life and desperate for Finder to heal her, she plots to rescue him from imprisonment in Shadeshelm. Larken searches for allies within the other courts of the faery realm, but she finds that without the Starveling, the court rulers are consumed by their own political games. 

Dahey rules as regent in Finder’s stead, but he won’t rest until he takes the throne. His people and the other court rulers won’t accept his legitimacy until he possesses Finder’s powers. But when a dark spell given to him by the Guardian goes awry, Dahey is faced with a choice: the crown or Finder’s life. 

In the human realm, Kaisa is days away from achieving everything she dreamed. Once she completes her Anointing, she will be inducted as a full member of the Order of the Twins. But when she discovers the horrifying truth behind the Anointing, she abandons the Order and flees. Her troubles don’t end there—fey monsters pour into Ellevere, and the Popes, now loyal to the Guardian, do nothing to stop them. Kaisa struggles to raise an army of her own, but the pressure of her new position threatens to undo her. 

In the shadows, the greatest threat to both realms now walks free. Every day the Guardian’s power grows—as does his army. The courts must work together to defeat him before his dark magic destroys them all, but with the powers fractured in the Autumn Court, the rulers might not have the strength to stand against him.

AUTUMN’S TRAITOR is the heart-stopping second book in The Severed Realms Trilogy.

AUTUMN'S TRAITOR signed + personalized hardcover

  • No returns or exchanges. If the book is damaged on arrival please email 

  • Media mail, padded mailer. 

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