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Our Mission:

Counterpoise Press is dedicated to publishing diverse books across a multitude of genres. Our goal is to help writers at all stages of the writing process—from drafting to publication. We seek works that will entertain and inspire readers of all ages and backgrounds. Books have the ability to change lives, and we want to put our books into the hands of readers who will love them.


Here at Counterpoise, we are committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion. We condemn systemic racism in society in all its forms. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated by our company.



Counterpoise Press was founded in 2020 by author Hannah Parker. After experiencing aspects of both traditional and self publishing, Hannah realized she wanted something different—something that combined the best parts of both.
Here at Counterpoise we want to take the professionalism and high-quality works of traditional publishing and blend it with the freedom and control of self-publishing. We believe in forging our own path to publishing while constantly striving to better ourselves and our business.
Above all, we are committed to publishing diverse works by diverse authors. 

Meet The Owner


Hannah Parker 

Hannah Parker is the award-winning author of Autumn's Tithe. She received her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from Oklahoma State University. Hannah has worked with The RoadRunner Press and Touchpoint Press where she gained experience evaluating manuscripts, editing, and marketing books. Her debut novel Autumn's Tithe was acquired by The Bookish Box for their November YA box. 

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